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Sovereign Being Mission

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What do you want to know?

After you’ve taken some time to get a gist of who we are, we invite you to ask your questions, share your thoughts and feelings, specific and general, on what it means to be sovereign for you and the sovereignty movement. This is a supportive space where we take care of one another, so please feel free to share your experiences, you will be met with support and if we have guidance we will offer it.

This way we can start having conversations that bring us together, guiding each other on this journey of knowing who you are and who you want to be.


The Sovereign Being Team

Sovereign Being Foundational Meditation

The Sovereign Being Meditation is here to guide you back to your Sovereign Self, always remember the Sovereign Being within you is ready, waiting, and very capable to take charge of your life. The more you connect into who you are, at this deeper level, the more you will be able to surrender your control and move into trust and acceptance.

Listen to the meditation here.


The Sovereign Being Team

Welcome to Sovereign Being!

Sign up for our free membership here, where you’ll gain access to the online community, the Sovereign Being Foundational Meditation and weekly content, including our podcasts and with your permission, free group remote healing.

You can find out more about who we are through our website or social media (we are currently most active on instagram and facebook).


The Sovereign Being Team

Community Guide

  1. No Promotions or Spam | This is NOT the place to sell your services, find clients or customers, pitch, etc. Give more than you take to the community. Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links aren't allowed.
  2. Respect Privacy | Being part of this community requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make communities great, but we need to also be sensitive and respect privacy. What's shared in the community must stay in the community for all members to feel safe. 
  3. Don't share your logins with others | Please don't share login info or school materials with other folks. It's a violation of our agreement and trust in our community.
  4. No unsolicited direct messaging | Please don't DM people without their permission. Respect boundaries, please.
  5. Don't DM Maia | Maia will only be communicating here in the comment threads. Please make your own topics or comment on existing ones within the community threads for all CONTENT related support and email beingsovereign@protonmail.com for all TECH related support. If it is necessary, we may DM you here in the community, depending on the nature of your request.
  6. No Hate Speech | This should be obvious, but some groups really get it wrong. This community is made up of individuals from all walks of life holding a variety of views. If you are affiliated with groups/orgs that may harm the members of this community you will be removed. If you harm members of the community with your interactions in this group, we will begin a process of accountability and understanding, but we have the right to remove you if deemed necessary.
  7. Solidarity | This space supports every person who is impacted by the big changes occurring both inside and outside us, and so we all need to support each member of this community with a spirit of solidarity.
  8. Truth versus Illusion | The issue here is that it's really difficult to be 100% sure what the truth is, currently. It's also difficult to know who in the truther,ies and mainstream community we can wholly trust. We need to focus more on trusting the truth within. So please avoid promoting anything not backed up by facts, otherwise your messages might be removed and this could ultimately might result in your removal from the community. We respect differences of opinion, but no promotion of fear and separation, as there is no space for that in this group.
  9. Connect, Be Open-Minded, and Have Fun!!! | This is a place for us to connect with other like-minded and hearted people who are interested in what it means to be sovereign. Enjoy this space!
  10. No Psychic Mediumship Questions | This is not a space for asking if your ex will come back to you. There are many other online spaces for that. These may be valid issues for you personally, but this level of connection is not the goal in this space. Many of your questions and sharings will also be of relevant help to others; please focus on these.
  11. Facilitate Yourself | While this is a facilitated space, you are also invited to facilitate yourself. That means checking in deeper with yourself, or the guidelines, when you are not sure or in doubt. Awareness and autonomy is what we encourage and teach.
  12. Join a Space | While the main group is free and facilitated, there are many specific groups which you can join as a paid member. In these spaces we go deeper, and offer more opportunity for connection if desired; exploring a variety of other issues and aspects of this journey. Ask in the main group if you want to know more about the spaces and what they offer.
  13. We are all here because we want and choose to be here! | Every member of this community chose to be a part of this community. This means that it falls on each of us to uphold to these agreements and support each other in this shared space.
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Support Guide

The community is here to complement your membership, help you connect with others on this journey, and facilitate a nourishing community space outside of social media.

You will have access to specific spaces within this community (dependent on your membership), and there is a open discussion space for more connection and random questions! If you can't see your space, or you are added to the wrong space, you can ask a question in the 'support' space and we will get back to you within the day. Or contact us directly at beingsovereign@protonmail.com and we will assist you within 2-3 days.

This community is definitely going to grow as time goes on, so expect new things to be added and changes to be made! This is a new thing for us and we're looking forward to seeing how we can develop this platform to be truly supportive and transformative for us all.

Our vision for this community is for it to be driven by you and your sovereignty journey. While we are here to answer questions, we also encourage you all to help each other.

Feel free to ask questions and let us know how we can support you.

Looking forward to connecting with you all here!


The Sovereign Being Team

Welcome to the Sovereign Being community

This is a private online community that accompanies both free and paid memberships through Sovereign Being. Treat this as your space and container to connect with like-minded and hearted people, ask us questions, get support and learn more about the journey of sovereignty for you personally.

The free space is for all free members and the paid memberships support our dynamic meditations, rituals, online and face-to-face meet ups and classes, courses and active circle.

The community can be accessed directly from our Sovereign Being website or via Sovereign Being community. If you are logged in to the Teachable school for online courses, you will see a little red circle in the bottom right-hand corner – click this to open our community.

Please begin by telling us about you in the introduction space as a post with perhaps your reasons for joining this space, or what you are hoping to receive. Then go to the 'free space' Sovereign Being - Being Sovereign and bring your questions on what it means to be a Sovereign Being and the sovereignty movement generally.


The Sovereign Being Team
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